Our Investigation solutions are designed to provide your investigative team with powerful and easy-to-use applications and services to quickly analyze large amounts of corrections data, which provide actionable intelligence and focused leads in your investigations.


Developed for corrections, THREADS provides easy-to-use big data analysis to understand data correlation across disparate data sources, identify actionable intelligence and provide focused leads for investigators.

Guarded Exchange

Guarded Exchange provides industry-unique investigative monitoring solutions and digital forensic analysis. Through our proprietary monitoring services, customers can focus resources solely on actionable intelligence provided by our team of seasoned investigators.

Investigator Pro™

A powerful evidence gathering and investigative analysis tool to identify and verify the voice of incarcerated individuals on telephone calls and expose those who try to hide their identities and engage in criminal activity


Incarcerated individual - to - incarcerated individual telephone calls are not only facility rule violations, they're dangerous. Incarcerated individuals can use them to plot crimes with gang members, plan disruptions, or subvert trial testimony. Called parties use bridges and speaker phones to help incarcerated individuals make these calls.