Incarcerated individual -to- incarcerated individual telephone calls are not only facility rule violations, they’re dangerous. Incarcerated individuals can use them to plot crimes with gang members, plan disruptions, or subvert trial testimony. Called parties use bridges and speaker phones to help incarcerated individuals make these calls. ICER, the Incarcerated Individual Intercommunication Evaluation and Reporting system, detects incarcerated individual-to-incarcerated individual telephone calls. It finds these calls whether the incarcerated individuals are within a facility or in different facilities across the country, and whether they called the same outside number or two different ones. ICER automatically logs every incarcerated individual-to-incarcerated individual call that occurs and sends email alerts to investigators. ICER is now installed at a growing network of 1175 Securus facilities across the United States.


  • Detects completed incarcerated individual-to-incarcerated individual telephone calls within an agency or between agencies across the country
  • Identifies the incarcerated individuals, their locations, the call date and times, and the phone numbers they called
  • Finds calls even when incarcerated individuals dial separate outside phone numbers to connect with each other


  • Investigators at the call sites receive ICER alerts with incarcerated individual names, locations and called numbers
  • Facilities never need to transmit audio files
  • Each agency decides whether to share details about the calls and incarcerated individuals with other agencies