Discover how you can improve your facility communications with Securus Technologies®.

We provide the most widely used communications platform in the industry, equipped with the most investigative features available on the market. From phone service supporting both calls and voicemail as well as innovative video communication and electronic mail solutions, Securus® delivers solutions that enhance the engagement of incarcerated individuals and their family and friends in addition to increasing the efficiency and security of your operations.

Telephone Service

Get more from your phone communication. Securus offers you the largest centralized calling platform supporting incarcerated individual calls. You get it all. We provide the most expansive investigative features to ensure enhanced calling safety and data analysis opportunity supported by the best customer service in the industry.

Securus eMessaging®

Experience what’s possible every day with convenient and engaging online communication proven to improve incarcerated individuals’ morale by offering them more opportunities to connect with loved ones. Feel secure with automatic message review and control, based on your standards.

Securus Video Connect®

Discover the difference this video communication makes to enhancing your security. Get full-featured administrative interface for maximum facility control. This web-based system supports both on-site and remote webcam video communication sessions between incarcerated individuals and their family, friends, attorneys and public officials.

Securus Outbound Voicemail™

Securus Technologies today (December 22, 2021) announced that its Outbound Voicemail service will be discontinued effective January 31, 2022. The decision is part of the company’s multi-year corporate transformation, launched in January 2020 to improve affordability, increase access, and better respond to community needs.

Securus Lobby Kiosk™

Provide facility visitors a convenient method to fund prepaid calling accounts or make a trust account deposit by cash or credit/debit cards.

NextGen Secure Communications Platform™

We have completely reimagined and redesigned how users interact with data. See how this platform is specifically designed to meet today’s corrections challenges.

Digital Mail Center

Experience technology that protects your staff and incarcerated individuals. Explore a 21st century solution to how your incarcerated residents engage with their mail while keeping in touch with loved ones, attorneys and public officials.