Securus Technologies provides leading edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions that improve public safety and modernize the incarceration experience. Thousands of public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies rely on Securus for secure, simple and powerful technology solutions that are always accessible and easy to use. With hundreds of patents and scores of engineers, technologists, designers and thinkers innovating solutions, Securus’ technology is second to none.  Securus is committed to being the best provider of high-tech software solutions, with the most product and service offerings of the highest quality that provide the best economics for our customers, while maintaining the best customer service in our industry. From connecting family and friends to those incarcerated… to connecting correctional facility personnel to critical information… to connecting incarcerated individuals to technology… to connecting the dots for investigative leads… to connecting emergency dispatchers and responders to those in need… Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, verification, communication, information management, payment services and incarcerated individual self-service, and monitoring products and services in order to make our world a safer place to live. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, and serves more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals across North America. The Securus Difference
  • Superior, revolutionary technology that is modern, relevant and continuously evolving to meet your needs
  • Collective intelligence from more than 2,200 law enforcement and corrections agencies providing unbeatable lead generation
  • Largest facility communications provider and the only full spectrum solutions provider in the sector
  • Product and service combinations that provide unique, full criminal lifecycle solutions from pre-incarceration incident management through post-incarceration monitoring
  • Dedicated to innovation with more than 210 patents and industry-leading R&D investment
Company Fast Facts
  • Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Carrollton, TX
  • Regional offices located in Carrollton, TX;  and Atlanta, GA
  • 30 years of experience serving the corrections industry
  • Serving approximately 3,400 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million incarcerated individuals in 50 states
  • In-sourced customer call center and technical support teams that operate 24x7x365
  • Industry’s number one innovator, with over 240 patents issued and pending
  • Largest team in the industry with more than 1,600 Associates nationwide
  • SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  • Approximately 150 Field Services team members located within close proximity to the facilities we serve
  • Secure Call Platform (SCP) is the leading platform in the industry with more than 2,800 installations
  • More than $19 million each year in reinvestment back into the company