At Securus Technologies®, we believe in creating better outcomes for everyone— correctional agencies, incarcerated individuals and their loved ones as well as communities around our nation. With our vision to help define the next generation of digital solutions for the correctional industry, we understand that we must not only continue to serve as a technology leader but also as a community partner. We strive to continue to deliver the very best, most reliable, and impactful solutions that solve today’s challenges within our industry. Our products and services elevate security in correctional facilities and expand safety for staff, incarcerated individuals and communities throughout our country. Many of our innovative solutions also increase correctional staff efficiency. Our investigative and forensic technology speeds up the gathering of actionable intelligence that empowers investigators to build stronger cases which in turn can improve the safety of cities and towns around the U.S. Securus is committed to building more vibrant communities. That is why we are dedicated to helping incarcerated individuals transform their lives for a brighter future. Our changemaking tablet technology which provides free critical content to incarcerated individuals helps build their confidence and hope that they can transform their lives for the better. This transformation happens with the aid of our free betterment content via our tablets. Endless opportunities await such as education, job search, professional development, parenting, mental health and religion. Additionally, studies show that incarcerated residents who keep in touch with supportive loved ones have a greater chance of a successful reentry into society. Through our communication technology, family and friends  can help keep their bonds strong with incarcerated loved ones. Our innovation gives loved ones more opportunities to connect with added convenience. Our inventiveness makes amazing things happen. Our goal is to decrease recidivism and give incarcerated individuals a second chance so that they can rebuild their lives with positive outcomes that will also improve the lives of their families and those in their communities.