Lantern – is a technology-driven education program featuring a comprehensive LMS, enabling mass education of prison inmates through the use of tablets.
  • More than 70,400 incarcerated individuals enrolled
  • More than 4 million education course files downloaded
  • Operational in 34 states, reaching millions
  • Diversified content
    • GED
    • Career Preparation
    • Technology Literacy
    • Adult Basic Education
    • Personal Development
    • ESL
  • KA Lite – self-paced courses that can aide in GED preparation
    • Educational videos from basic math to advance computer science
    • NO cost to inmate or agency
    • 2 million videos downloaded in 2017
    • 7,500 videos available
  • i-Pathways
    • High school equivalency curriculum
    • Cover GED, HiSET and TASC tests
    • Topics include basic math, mat, basic writing, reading and language arts, science and social studies
  • eBooks
    • Read and store eBooks on JPay tablet
    • 30,000 titles
    • Genres – African American Literature, Fiction, Horror, History, Humor, Mystery, Religion, Sci-Fi
“I can tell you for a fact you changed my life, because I never would have gotten the chance to go to college if it were not for your company support…my proudest day will be coming in September when I get my degree.” Wayne E Washington, Richland Correctional Inst.