Securus understands the critical role education plays in reducing recidivism and the impact to an individual’s success upon re-entry into society. For this reason, Securus offers a variety of education programs through our tablet program to provide agencies with the flexibility to deliver courses and videos to increase opportunities for success.

Lantern is the largest digital education program in corrections, offering a full-service education platform with the capability to support college courses, high school equivalency prep, GED prep, and personal development content from a network of reputable academic partners.  Lantern can integrate with existing correctional education initiatives like traditional classroom learning, or operate as a standalone education solution. In addition to Lantern, Securus provides thousands of free KA Lite educational videos with topics in Math, Astronomy, Accounting and more.

This technology-driven education platform is designed to increase educational opportunities in prisons, increase employment opportunities for incarcerated individuals upon re-entry, and reduce recidivism. Lantern features corrections-grade tablets and a learning management system which supports post-secondary programs with Colleges and Universities including Ashland University, Sinclair College, Rhodes College, Marion Technical College and Chaffey College.

Securus is proud to introduce, CourseShare, the first no cost solution for corrections to share educational curriculum that can be utilized to help incarcerated individuals in any facility. With CourseShare, agencies can give and receive custom courses created from respected peers across the U.S. through Lantern. Incarcerated individuals can easily access and download content directly to their tablets to begin their path to successfully re-enter society. Courses currently available from Georgia DOC and Aleph Institute include: ABE Math, GED Science Master, and Weekly Bible Reader.

  • Diversified content
    • GED
    • Career Preparation
    • Technology Literacy
    • Adult Basic Education
    • Personal Development
    • ESL
  • KA Lite – self-paced courses that can aide in GED preparation
    • Educational videos from basic math to advance computer science
    • NO cost to incarcerated individual or agency
    • 2 million videos downloaded in 2017
    • 7,500 videos available
  • i-Pathways
    • High school equivalency curriculum
    • Cover GED, HiSET and TASC tests
    • Topics include basic math, mat, basic writing, reading and language arts, science and social studies
  • Education Metrics:
    • Lantern students since inception: 143,695
    • Lantern course enrollments made since inception: 1,021,262
    • Ashland students current semester: 1837
    • KA Lite videos downloaded since inception: 12,796,664

“I can tell you for a fact you changed my life, because I never would have gotten the chance to go to college if it were not for your company support…my proudest day will be coming in September when I get my degree.” Wayne E Washington, Richland Correctional Inst.