Information Management

Securus Technologies provides an array of industry-leading information management products to serve correctional facilities in order to improve operational efficiencies, reduce administrative burden on staff and increase safety and security of the facility. From an interactive voice response system fielding incoming telephone calls for facility and incarcerated individual information to jail management and electronic medical records systems, Securus’ information management solutions provide unmatchable benefits to correctional facilities.


The evolution of Jail Management Software (JMS), XJail’s logical software design provides an environment that compliments work flow rather than interrupts it. Time and task management by individual users is automated by proactive notifications of pending items, scheduled tasks, incarcerated individual activities, alerts/alarms, timers and more. Pertinent information is automatically provided to the user as needed or easily requested through simple, intuitive inquiries and reports

Securus AIS™

Automated Information Services offering the industry’s first and only hosted interactive voice response system to automatically provide incarcerated individual-specific and general correctional facility information to the public and incarcerated individuals to improve community safety and reduce unnecessary facility traffic