XL Incarcerated Individual Hardware

Explore Securus Technologies®, XL2, the most widely deployed touchscreen hardware for incarcerated individuals. XL2 is commonly deployed with two handsets in facility lobbies to facilitate on-site Securus Video Connect® and other public services. The XL2 can also be used by incarcerated individuals in housing locations where a larger screen is desired. Benefits That Make Life Easier and Safer
  • Technology That Provides Ease and Peace of Mind – Size: 17” display with one or two handsets
  • Hardened touchscreen that allows for easy navigation and scrolling
  • Traditional AC or power-over-ethernet with built-in power light indicator
  • Internal LED Lighting: Illuminates the incarcerated individual or visitor ensuring proper lighting and optimal picture quality
  • Stainless steel keyboard with braille keys
  • Safety & Security: No external hinges and resistant to liquid along with vandal-proof handset with armored cable
All Securus incarcerated individual hardware leverages the same software, ConnectUS®, which delivers an unlimited number of communication, automation, and self-help applications to incarcerated individuals. Click here to learn more about ConnectUS.