Incarcerated Individual Self-Service

Discover the power to take your agency to the next level with Securus Technologies® as your correctional partner. Our 21st century digital solutions not only improve facility operations, but also empower incarcerated individuals with our technology to prepare them for a successful reentry. Incarcerated individual self-service offerings keep connections strong between incarcerated residents and their loved ones.

Additionally, these digital tools transform idle time into productivity for the incarcerated individuals, by giving them the opportunity to communicate through a variety of channels such as calls, video communication, voicemail, eMessaging, tablets and other interactive applications in a secure, structured way that prepares them for reintegration into society. Meanwhile, these activities then make your staff available to focus on other important duties within your facility.

Because Unity Brings Solutions

Introducing the new Securus Unity™ Platform, uniquely customized to prepare incarcerated individuals for a successful reentry into society. Through flexible deployment options, tailored to meet the needs and preferences of agency and facility partners, Securus Unity™ Platform has powerful technology, which improves efficiency and safety of agency staff and incarcerated individuals.

Get Everything You Need with Securus Unity™ Platform’s Full-Featured Benefits

Securus Unity Platform is the only solution in corrections designed around eight fundamental beliefs:

  • Tablets should be affordable.
  • Tablets should maximize utilization.
  • Tablets should enrich the lives of incarcerated individuals.                  
  • Tablets should provide equal access to critical content.
  • Tablets should increase communication.
  • Tablets should improve agency efficiency and safety.
  • Tablets should be easy to administer.
  • Tablets should have flexible deployment options.
Benefits for Incarcerated Individuals:

  • Increase communication opportunities through calling, messaging, photos and videos
  • Access to devices and content that improves lives and turns idle time into productivity
  • Decreases violence and improves safety
  • Ability to prepare for successful reentry into society

Benefits of Agencies
  • Behavior modification tool with complete control over tablets and applications
  • Reduce movement of incarcerated individuals throughout the agency
  • Improves safety of agency staff
  • Utilizes the latest advancements in technology to reduce recidivism through education, self-help and employment applications


Securus’ proprietary incarcerated individual platform, an innovative software solution presenting a user interface for incarcerated individuals via various hardware (video terminal, tablet, etc) that enables incarcerated individual access to customized applications for communication, information, grievance submittal and other services that improve incarcerated individual autonomy and facility operations

XL Incarcerated Individual Hardware

Securus’ XL incarcerated individual hardware is the most widely deployed touchscreen hardware in corrections. XL is commonly deployed with two handsets in facility lobbies to facilitate on-site video communication and other public services. The XL can also be used by incarcerated individuals in housing locations where a larger screen is desired.


Lantern is a technology-driven education program featuring a comprehensive LMS, enabling mass education of prison incarcerated individuals through the use of tablets