Inmate Self-Service

Securus is committed to providing solutions that improve facility operations, but also to helping inmates know how to use current technology in order to reduce recidivism. Inmate self-service offerings enhance the experiences of inmates and their family and friends, as well as greatly improve operational efficiencies for correctional facilities by reducing administrative burden on staff. Inmates have exposure to calls, video visitation, voicemail, email, tablets and other interactive applications in a secure, structured way that equips them with skills needed to return to life on the outside while facility staff is freed up to maintain the safety and security of your jail.


Securus’ proprietary inmate platform, an innovative software solution presenting a user interface for inmates via various hardware (video terminal, tablet, etc) that enables inmate access to customized applications for communication, information, grievance submittal and other services that improve inmate autonomy and facility operations

XL Inmate Hardware

Securus’ XL inmate hardware is the most widely deployed touchscreen hardware in corrections. XL is commonly deployed with two handsets in facility lobbies to facilitate on-site video visitation and other public services. The XL can also be used by inmates in housing locations where a larger screen is desired.


Lantern is a technology-driven education program featuring a comprehensive LMS, enabling mass education of prison inmates through the use of tablets

Secureview® Tablet

Our SecureView Tablet Device focuses on proactive and constructive ways to prepare inmates for reentry and reclamation into society. It is currently being used by inmates at various locations across the United States.