Securus Technologies® prides itself on innovation. For over 30 years, we have disrupted the corrections industry with changemaking solutions that improve customers’ everyday experience by making their facilities more secure, their staff more efficient and empowered to gain actionable intelligence with ease as well as increasing the safety of the entire population. Additionally, Securus is committed to giving family and friends more opportunities to connect with incarcerated loved ones. Securus Technologies connecting what matters®.


  • Announcement of new structure:
    • Aventiv Technologies- A new entity serves as the corporate parent with a focus on research. development and innovation.
    • Securus Technologies- Products and services consisting of security, communication entertainment, education and other reentry resources
    • JPay- Money transfer products in the corrections space including account funding, release cards as well as parole and probation payments
    • AllPaid, formerly GovPayNet- Government payments outside the corrections industry


  • Securus acquires GovPayNet and expands its payment process services.


  • Platinum Equity acquires Securus Technologies.
  • Securus acquires JobView to help incarcerated individuals with employment.
  • Securus launches The Securus Foundation to lower recidivism and ease reentry.


  • Securus rebrands and opens a Technology Center.
  • Securus acquires CellBlox, JPay, Guarded Exchange and Cara Clinicals.
  • Securus launches the industry’s most comprehensive set of incarcerated individual services with ConnectUs, the first incarcerated individual-facing operating system on the market that automates critical operations for corrections agencies while delivering unlimited applications to incarcerated individuals.
  • Securus acquires CellBlox, a leading provider of Managed Access Systems (MAS) that limit the use of contraband wireless devices in prisons and jails.


  • Securus acquires exclusive rights to JobView’s 2nd Chance™ application where Securus distributes incarcerated individuals’ applications throughout the corrections industry to help reduce recidivism.
  • Securus enters into an exclusive distribution agreement with Vanu, Inc. where Securus provides managed wireless access systems limiting the use of contraband wireless devices in correctional facilities.
  • Securus installs the largest corrections video communication project in the US for Maricopa County, Arizona.
  • Securus acquires JLG Technologies and its affiliates, the leading supplier of continuous voice biometric analysis and investigative tools to the corrections and law enforcement sectors.
  • Securus acquires Telerus, the US leading provider of sophisticated automated interactive voice response systems to the corrections sector.


  • Securus acquires Satellite Tracking of People (STOP), LLC., the US leading provider of active global positioning systems (GPS) offender monitoring devices.
  • Securus launches a redesigned website and account management portal, Securus Online, transforming the family and friend customer experience by providing a new, mobile-enabled solution that unifies all Securus communication services under one account.


  • Securus acquires DirectHit Systems, Inc., a provider of advanced investigative, data analysis tools for law enforcement and corrections clients.
  • Securus acquires Primonics, Inc., a leading provider of video communication services to the corrections industry.


  • Securus transforms its customer service call center to a 225 set in-sourced operation providing 24/7/365 service to support the largest and best-equipped center in the industry.


  • Securus Call Platform (SCP) debuts for correctional facilities.


  • H.I.G. Capital acquires all outstanding Evercom stock. The merger of two correctional industry giants, T-Netix, Inc. and Evercom Systems, Inc., forms Securus Technologies.
  • H.I.G. Capital purchases the outstanding shares of T-Netix, Inc. common stock.


  • T-Netix, Inc. begins under the name Tele-Matic Corporation.