Securus has partnered with top experts in investigative analysis and law enforcement to bring you the very best in data analytics – THREADS. Securus’ Secure Call Platform (SCP), combined with THREADS, is unequivocally the largest centralized data repository and most powerful analysis software on the market for both corrections and law enforcement.


  • Centralized database allows sharing of investigative data with other agencies
  • Identification of Suspicious Activity
  • Fully integrated with Securus’ SCP and other Securus’ investigative platforms
  • Supports Cell Phone Forensic data (Cellebrite and XRY)
  • Allows for multiple automated data communication and correlation points (i.e. financial, communication, voice biometrics)
  • Pro-active leads for investigators based on automated analysis


  • Advanced interactive visual graphics (expansion of nodes)
  • Proprietary Organizational Analysis
  • Automated email alerts of analytical findings
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Interactive maps
  • User-defined investigative widgets
  • Advanced communication analysis techniques
  • User-defined reporting and analysis (multiple filter options)
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