Securus eMessaging®

Increase efficiency and security. That’s possible every day with eMessaging.

Studies show that incarcerated individuals who keep in touch with supportive family and friends are more likely to have a successful reintegration into society. Securus Technologies’® eMessaging offers you a fully digital, completely paperless solution that gives your staff control of who uses the system and what is permitted in inbound and outbound communication. This digital tool, which serves over 500,000 incarcerated individuals and their family and friends improves staff efficiency by transmitting communication electronically.

eMessaging allows users to send a digital message with the option to include a photo and even purchase an incarcerated individual reply or can be set to only allow incoming messages. All messages flow through the eMessaging facility portal for analysis, review and release to the intended party, if approved.

Incarcerated individual access does not require printing or distributing to incarcerated individuals or scanning handwritten incarcerated individual responses back to the public.

Get More With Features That Offer Convenience and Security

  • Unlike physical mail, messages are stored electronically for investigation and analysis and are easily accessed.
  • Messages are viewed on Securus communication terminals or tablets for added security.
  • Mailroom resources can be redeployed for ensuring your facility’s safety and security.

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