Securus AIS™

Improve efficiency, and discover the savings with our ultimate solution to answering calls.

Securus Technologies’® Automated Information Services (AIS) is the industry’s first and only hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that automatically provides incarcerated individuals and outside callers specific and general facility information over the phone. In addition, outside callers can open or fund a phone account, leave a voicemail and make a trust deposit without having to enter your facility.

Take a Look at How Much Time You’re Spending on Calls With Data From Our Industry Study.

  • Facility personnel spend an average of four minutes on every outside call.
  • Facilities average .5 outside calls and .5 questions per incarcerated individual per day.
  • Over the last 3 years across all Securus facilities with AIS the platform has automated the call answering of nearly 80% of all incoming calls, resulting in significant time saving for staff and empowering the public to self-serve to get the answers they need.

With AIS, questions are answered more accurately for both outside and inside inquiries since the data that is played is retrieved from your Jail Management System (JMS). This process can be more efficient and reliable than staff members.

Automatically Give Family and Friends the Information They Need.

  • How to open or fund a prepaid AdvanceConnect™ account or Incarcerated Individual Debit account
  • Criminal charges
  • Bond amounts and types
  • Court dates, times and locations
  • Projected release date
  • Communication eligibility
  • Facility information, location and hours

Incarcerated Individuals Easily Speed Dial a Number on Your Facility Phones to Listen to Information.

  • Commissary account balance
  • Criminal charges
  • Court dates and locations
  • Bond amounts and types
  • Projected release date
  • Communication eligibility

Imagine being able to improve staff efficiencies and increase the satisfaction of incarcerated individuals, family and friends—  all without having to install new equipment.

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AIS Facility Value Calculator

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Hourly staff wage:
Get Cost:
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Average minutes per call:
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Hourly staff wage: $
Monthly cost: $
Savings with 80% AIS: $
Savings with 70% AIS: $
Savings with 60% AIS: $