NextGen Secure Communications Platform™

Communications management is core to most facilities. It helps to ensure safety, enforce policy and procedure, and affects revenue. It also supports investigation through data collection, data reporting and data analysis.

Your staff needs technology that automates operations and frees them up to focus their efforts on their primary job of maintaining safety and security within the facility. Better technology is no longer a nice-to-have … it’s a must-have.

Introducing NextGen Secure Communications Platform™ (NextGen SCP™).

We have completely reimagined and redesigned how users interact with data and have built a brand new platform for today’s corrections challenges and as the foundation for future innovation. With NextGen SCP, Securus has created a powerful technology solution that is accessible, intuitive and easy to use. Like our previous industry-leading call platform, it’s still a centralized system helping law enforcement and corrections solve and prevent crime. But now, information is front and center. The focus is squarely on putting actionable information in the hands of the user when and where they need it and making a more powerful system easy to use with virtually no training.

This new platform takes you from “calls” to “communications.”

New Platform – Thanks to the design and approach, the platform fully consolidates all incarcerated individual communication services such as calls, video communication, messaging and more, making NextGen SCP the next level of incarcerated individual communications processing.

New Technology – The platform integrates new backend technologies to vastly increase the speed to data. We now use the same fundamental core technologies used by Google, Apple, Netflix and Facebook.

New Interface – We’ve designed our new user interface with you in mind. The new look is a dramatic shift from the previous, with a more streamlined menu, a new notifications feature, a dashboard of information and an incarcerated individual activity stream.

Better Experience – Improving the user experience was essential to the design of the new platform. We’ve made it intuitive and easier to use, more clearly structured and significantly faster. It’s a vast array of new features and improvements to save time, effort and expense.


  • Remote access
  • Single multi-product point of access for applications, investigations and operations
  • Dashboard – New customizable dashboard with informational and functional widgets
  • Incarcerated Individual Activity Stream – Unique new feature provides a consolidated summary view of all communications
  • Contact Profile – New single location to view individual visitor information, manage their settings, apply unique rules, or suspend them from specific product access
  • Covert Alerts – Real time, remote call alerts and real time email alerts
  • Live Monitoring – Local and remote monitoring of both calls and video communications
  • Comprehensive multi-product communication detail records
  • CD Image creation that includes both calls and video communication records
  • PREA system flexible for any corrections environment
  • Billing Name and Address (BNA) lookup
  • Advanced Note System – Add and share notes on incarcerated individual communication activity
  • Comprehensive system logs

For more information, to schedule a demo or to upgrade, contact your Securus Account Manager.