NextGen Secure Communications Platform™

Take your communications to the next level of performance with Next Gen SCP™.

With your needs in mind, Securus Technologies® has reimagined how users interact with data by building a new platform to meet today’s corrections challenges blazing the foundation for future innovation. With NextGen Secure Communications Platform™ (NextGen SCP), Securus provides you with a powerful technology solution that’s accessible, intuitive and easy-to-use. Like our previous industry-leading call platform, we offer you a centralized system that empowers law enforcement and corrections to solve and prevent crime.

Discover the Power of Having Actionable Information in Your Hands With Ease.

NextGen SCP™ automates operations and frees your staff to focus on their primary duties. Better yet, this  powerful system requires virtually no training.

You’ve Never Experienced Communications Like This Until Now.

New Platform
 –Consolidates all incarcerated individual communication services such as calls, video communication and messaging.
New Technology –Integrates new backend technologies to vastly increase the speed to data.
Better Experience –  Enjoy an effortless system that’s faster – saving you time and money.

Smart Features to Get Work Done Easier

  • Contact Profile – New single location to view individual visitor information, manage their settings, apply unique rules or suspend them from specific product access
  • Advanced Note System – Add and share notes on incarcerated individual communication activity
  • Remote access
  • Single multi-product point of access for applications, investigations and operations
  • Dashboard – Can be customized for each individual user and proactively delivers information based on that person’s needs
  • Incarcerated Individual Activity Stream – New feature provides a consolidated summary view of Securus Video ConnectSM and  telephone service communications
  • Covert Alerts – Real time, remote call alerts and email alerts
  • Live Monitoring – Local and remote monitoring of calls and video communications
  • PREA system flexible for any corrections environment
  • Advanced Note System – Add and share notes on incarcerated individual communication activity

For more information, to schedule a demo or to upgrade, contact your Securus account manager.