General Information

General Information

At Securus®, we’re committed to connecting what matters. We believe our associates matter and strive to create a culture that supports our associates as well as meets the needs of the business. We seek out the best to join our team.

By exploring our Career Center and the information below, you can learn more about how we make a difference in the world of public safety, law enforcement and corrections with our civil and criminal justice technology solutions.

Our Mission

We exist to serve and connect to make our world safe.

Our Core Values

We seek to hire associates exhibiting the following qualities that align with our corporate values:

  • INNOVATIVE – We are innovators seeking new ways to make a positive change in the world. We make technological advancements resulting in numerous patents.
  • EXCEPTIONAL – We are outstanding and remarkable people, industry leaders that stand out through amazing customer service.
  • FOCUSED – We are committed to keeping our attention on our clients, while delivering products and services solely for civil and criminal justice agencies.
  • TRUSTWORTHY – We strive to operate with transparency and embody the highest levels of integrity, honesty and truthfulness.


Customer & Consumer Support

Customer & Consumer Support Services resolves issues for the friends and family of incarcerated individuals, agency customers and incarcerated individuals. We offer options to include assisted and self-help support. Some services are available 24/7.

Installation & Field Services Teams

Installation and Field Services teams are responsible for the physical installation of equipment, communication and managing agency customer expectations to ensure successful service implementations.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Supply Chain and Procurement drives customer satisfaction demand, which involves sourcing of products and services, delivery of finished goods as well as return of materials or equipment. Strategic approaches are carefully considered and managed to meet company and facility staff expectations.