Telephone Service

Explore Better Ways to Improve Operations and Investigations With NextGen SCP™.

Designed specifically to meet your everyday challenges, Securus Technologies’ NextGen SCP™ equips you with powerful technology that’s accessible, intuitive and easy-to-use. Just like our previous call platform, we provide you with a central system that empowers law enforcement and corrections to solve and prevent crime. NextGen SCP™ automates operations, allowing your staff the ability to focus on their primary duties. To make your life even easier, virtually no training is required.

Discover Why NextGen SCPIs One of the Best Tools in the Industry.

New Platform – Consolidates all incarcerated individual communication services like calls, video communication and messaging
New Technology – Integrates new backend technologies that vastly increases the speed of data
Better Experience –  Enjoy an effortless, faster system, which results in savings of your time and money.

Gain More Power to Solve and Prevent Crimes With Smart Features.

  • Contact Profile – New single location to view individual visitor information, manage their settings, apply unique rules or suspend them from specific product access.
  • Advanced Note System – Add and share notes on incarcerated individual communication activity.
  • Remote access – Web-based platform provides convenient access while maintaining strict security controls.
  • Single multi-product point of access for applications, investigations and operations
  • Dashboard – Can be customized for each individual user and proactively delivers information based on that person’s needs
  • Incarcerated Individual Activity Stream – Unique new feature provides a consolidated summary view of all communications.
  • Covert Alerts – Real time, remote call alerts and email alerts
  • Live Monitoring – Local and remote monitoring of calls and video communications
  • PREA system flexible for any corrections environment