Telephone Service

Communications management is core to most facility operations. It affects safety, revenues, and overcrowding and has a direct impact on incarcerated individuals, family members and friends, and staff wellbeing. Secure Call Platform™ (SCP) call management system is the heart of our communications management solution. The system provides Securus clients with the benefit of operating on a centralized, digital network that offers a multitude of advantages.


  • Greater Flexibility – Control any incarcerated individual phone from anywhere in the country
  • Greater Control – On-site control over investigations, communications, incarcerated individual activities, identifications and notifications
  • Increased Efficiencies – Manage all your facilities, operations, investigations and reporting from one single point of access – anywhere, anytime – whether in the facility or outside the facility walls
  • Increased Convenience – Provide investigators and administrators with the ability to access almost any file, task, or feature 24×7, 365 days per year
  • Enhanced Crime Fighting Abilities – Remote monitoring, single-point access, and evidentiary artifacts linking criminal activity inside and outside the facility walls make SCP one of the best tools in the industry
  • Disaster Recovery Abilities – Using SCP’s centralized platform minimizes the loss of data due to local disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and from localized system failures such as hard drive malfunctions and software corruptions
  • Future-Proof Design – Apply system updates multiple times per year to ensure your system stays on the cutting edge of technology


Helping law enforcement and corrections solve and prevent crime is one of the primary focuses of Securus’ SCP. Identifying patterns, real time alerts, and the ability to access dossiers from any location at any time are all part of a successful investigation. Securus’ base investigative features provide one of the first investigative intersections of incarcerated individual management and call management systems in the industry. These capabilities enable investigators to collect evidence that assists in preventing and solving crimes. The SCP investigative feature set includes the following:
  • Remote access
  • Single point of access for all applications, investigations and operations
  • Covert Alerts – Real time, remote call alerts and real time e-mail alerts
  • Live Monitoring – Local and remote monitoring
  • Scan Patrol – Scan through live calls
  • Access to comprehensive system logs
  • Most comprehensive call detail reports in the industry
  • Crime Tip – Anonymous, two-way communication
  • PREA system flexible for any corrections environment
  • Informant Line
  • Billing Name and Address (BNA) lookup
  • Integration with Bing maps
  • Word Spotting – Auto investigator, spotting key words
  • Call Tracker – Add and share notes on calls
  • Call Forwarding detection
  • Three-way call detection
  • DTMF detection
  • Watched number lists
  • Frequently Called Number (FCN) reports
  • Personal Allowed Number (PAN) frequency reports