Our Corrections Solutions modernize the incarceration experience with technology focused on improving lives and productivity.

Discover how Securus Technologies’ information management, communication and incarcerated individual self-service offerings enhance the experiences of incarcerated individuals and their family and friends as well as greatly improve operational efficiencies for corrections agencies.


Securus Technologies® provides the most widely used communications platform in the industry, equipped with the most powerful digital investigative tools available on the market.

Information Management

Securus® provides an array of industry-leading information management products to serve correctional facilities to improve operational efficiencies, reduce administrative burden on staff and increase safety and security of your facility.

Incarcerated Individual Self-Service

We are committed to providing solutions that improve facility operations, which also empower incarcerated individuals with knowledge on using current technology in order to prepare them for a successful reentry.

Managed Access: Wireless Containment Solutions

Take control of the increased usage of contraband cell phones among incarcerated individuals’ within your facility. Get the protection you need with Securus’ powerful Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS).