Securus Unity Platform

Securus Technologies® introduces the Securus Unity Platform, uniquely created to help prepare incarcerated individuals for a successful reentry into society


The Securus Unity Platform features powerful technology that increases communication, improves safety, and creates opportunities for those who need it most. The Securus Unity Platform’s tablet-based program offers flexible deployment options, to best support the needs and preferences of agency and facility partners.

Get Everything You Need with Securus Unity Platform’s Full-Featured Benefits

Built upon eight fundamental beliefs, the Securus Unity Platform’s tablet-based program is the only solution in corrections that:

  1. Focuses on affordability
  2. Maximizes utilization
  3. Enriches the lives of incarcerated individuals
  4. Provides equal access to critical and self-improvement content, free of charge
  5. Increases communication
  6. Improves the safety and efficiency of facilities
  7. Simplifies the administration process
  8. Offers flexible deployment options

The benefits of the Securus Unity Platform program are numerous and extend to both Incarcerated Individuals and Agencies.

Benefits to Incarcerated Individuals:

  • Increases their ability to connect with family and friends through call, messaging, photo, and video exchange communication options
  • Provides access to educational content that turns idle time into self-improvement opportunities
  • Delivers a variety of entertainment content that helps to decrease violence and improve safety
  • Promotes tools that support and prepare individuals for successful reentry into society

Benefits to Agencies:

  • Provides access control over tablets and individual applications that can deliver incentives and rewards for positive behaviors
  • Reduces the need for movement of incarcerated individuals throughout the agency
  • Allows agency generated communications to be delivered to tablet users in real time vs. bulletin board memos
  • Improves safety of agency staff
  • Utilizes the latest advancements in technology to reduce recidivism through education, self-help, and job search functionality

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