Digital Mail Center

Eliminate contraband entering your facility through the U.S. Postal Service with Securus’ Digital Mail Center.

Increase security, safety and efficiency with our mail processing solution. With our system, physical mail is processed by forwarding all incarcerated individual mail to a Securus-managed address where it is delivered to our processing facility. Here, our certified investigative staff open, scan and electronically upload incarcerated mail to our mail management portal, where mail may be configured to be reviewed and approved by agency staff or automatically delivered to the incarcerated resident through Securus Technologies’® ConnectUs terminals and Securus tablets. This process coupled with Securus’ eMessaging product fully automates all incarcerated individual mail. Here’s another advantage; Digital Mail Center frees your team from manually processing incarcerated resident mail, so that your staff can focus on their main duties.

Converting Physical Postal Mail into Electronic Communications Creates Measurable Results

  • Dramatically improves investigative intelligence
  • Provides immediate notifications to staff and investigators when particular incarcerated individuals receive mail
  • Reduces staffing costs and ability to relocate staff to other critical areas