Guarded Exchange

Securus’ Monitoring Solution powered by Guarded Exchange is the preeminent incarcerated individual call and video monitoring investigative offering in the corrections industry. Using advanced analytical technologies and highly trained and experienced investigators with over 450 years of experience, Securus Monitoring Solution provides agency investigators with precise, thorough, and actionable intelligence reports allowing for easy follow-up and corrective actions including prosecution. Securus’ Monitoring Solution includes:
  • Live analyst call and video visit monitoring
  • Over 70 proprietary technologies and company-developed artificial intelligence that allows Guarded Exchange’s skilled Communication and Investigation Analysts to data mine large volume of calls and identify the high-value calls for live monitoring and investigative escalation.

Digital Forensics

Securus’ Guarded Exchange provides forensic services for recovered cell phones, computers, and other digital devices utilizing state of the art forensic tool and Certified Forensic staff. Coupled with experienced analysts, Guarded Exchange will utilize company-owned investigative products to identify correlations between the extracted forensics and incarcerated individual communications.


  • Identifies and investigates calls for suspicious activity
  • Utilizes proprietary investigative software and company-developed artificial intelligence offerings to produce actionable intelligence for facility investigative staff
  • Eliminates facility need for hardware, licensing and dedicated employee costs
  • Ability to mine through:
    • Facility phone calls
    • Facility Video ConnectSM
    • Emails
    • Financial transactions
    • Cell phone forensics
    • Jail management systems