Guarded Exchange

Learn how you can get better technology to give you a competitive edge on your investigations.

Discover the difference that Securus’ Guarded Exchange can make within your agency with monitoring solutions and digital forensics. Securus’ Guarded Exchange offers you the most advanced monitoring services in the corrections industry.

We utilize analytical technologies along with live certified analysts, certified forensic lab staff, and individuals with law enforcement and corrections experience. Securus’ Guarded Exchange has a combined level of nearly 1,000 years of experience and provides agency investigators with precise, thorough and actionable intelligence reports, which allow for easy follow-up and corrective actions including prosecution.

With over 70 proprietary technologies and company-developed artificial intelligence tools, analysts are able to data mine through large volume of calls and identify the high-value calls for monitoring and investigative escalation.

Digital Forensics

Securus’ Guarded Exchange provides forensic services for recovered cell phones, computers, and other digital devices with use of its state-of-the-art analysis tools and certified forensic staff. Guarded Exchange pairs experienced analysts with company-owned investigative products to systematically identify correlations between the extracted forensics and incarcerated individuals’ communications. Our certified forensic examiners also perform data extractions on devices that are damaged, locked or unsupported by other forensic tools using the latest chip-off forensics technique.

Get a Closer Eye on Your Investigations With Smart Features From Securus’ Guarded Exchange:

  • Ability to mine through thousands of calls, emails, financial transactions, and Video Connect SM sessions in a matter of hours or days
  • Eliminates agency need for hardware, licensing, and dedicated employee costs
  • Securus Video Connect® monitoring
  • Guarded Exchange was the first of its kind in the nation—we have the track record to prove it.
  • No other vendor can match our experience, capabilities, and effectiveness.