Investigator Pro™

Investigator Pro is our powerful voice biometrics software, designed from the ground up with the investigator in mind. Its state-of-the art voice identification technology exposes incarcerated individuals who try to hide their identities and commit crimes using the incarcerated individual telephone system. Its investigative tools narrow the investigator’s search for clues, reducing the time he needs to spend listening to incarcerated individual calls and pointing him to the calls most likely to help build his case.


  • Identifies incarcerated individuals by name throughout a call, no matter how many incarcerated individuals are on the call or whose PIN was used
  • Identifies called parties by name when they are known to the system, as in the case of released incarcerated individuals
  • Detects PIN abuse and names imposters
  • Powerful search capabilities let the investigator save a voice from a call and then search the call database to find where it occurs on either the incarcerated individual or called party sides of calls
  • Pre-call voice biometric PIN check provides go/no-go verification to reduce PIN abuse
  • Fast Facts about voices, incarcerated individuals and called numbers correlate data to help the investigator zero in on calls of greatest interest
  • Feature-rich call player enables efficient listening


  • Interactive user interface
  • Fully integrated ICER event reporting
  • Customizable high interest group labels for incarcerated individuals and called numbers allow the investigator to track, and search for, activity by gangs and other threat groups
  • Ability to search the call database by incarcerated individual, voice, date range, case number, high interest
  • Call notes and case numbering for intelligence sharing
  • Reporting tools and level-sensitive roles and permissions for staff