“Securus’ Guarded Exchange saves us time and manpower on investigating. Securus saves us on K9 costs and staff for those investigations as well as cell phone extractions,” said Sheriff Tony Wheatley of the Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri. “It saves us a lot of time, and time is money.”
-Sheriff Tony Wheatley of the Moniteau County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri

“Several incarcerated individuals have been in and out and prison and looking for a way to set a new direction on life. Securus’ Lantern reduces recidivism and gives incarcerated individuals’ hope.”
-Vice President for Correctional Education and Innovation Todd Marshall, Ph.D., of Ashland University, Ohio

“The incarcerated individuals have time on their hands. With the educational, job search and mental health content available on the community tablets, they can put that time to constructive use.”
-Sheriff Dwight Baird of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois

“Incarcerated individuals use the SecureView® Tablet to supplement the classroom instruction, which enables them to complete the life-changing milestone of earning their GED, which is increasing the incarcerated individual’s feeling of self-worth and positively impacting the morale in our institution.”
-Deputy Commander Jeanne Russo of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois

“Securus’ Guarded Exchange tools and capabilities hit three areas across the continuum: jail security, criminal investigation, and prosecution support. We just don’t have the staff…to listen to these calls all day. Even if we did, we don’t have the tools and the algorithms that Guarded Exchange uses.”
-Deputy Chief at Carter County Sheriff’s Office James Parrish, Tennessee

“IPRO is a great tool for narcotics cases. Sevier County sheriff deputies were acting on a tip from a recorded phone that narcotics were going to be smuggled to an incarcerated individual. Using the voice search feature we were able to identify each caller the incarcerated individual spoke to on the outside.”
-Sevier County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee

“Thank you to Securus Technologies and all of their staff for offering Securus Video ConnectSM, the amazing technology that has brought methamphetamine manufacturer off the streets”
-Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee

“ The Securus telephone system was instrumental in us apprehending the bank robbery suspect. The Securus telephone system is a vital investigative tool that we use frequently. The support staff from Securus Technologies has also been very helpful anytime a question arises.”
-Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey

“ Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus system, not only for the Sheriff’s Office, but also for the local law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney Offices as well. They have also been a great asset in jail disciplinary cases.”
– Detention Center, Texas

“ Our detectives have used Securus technology to solve crimes that otherwise may have gone unsolved, including major felonies such as drug crimes, robberies and even murders.”
– County Sheriff, North Carolina

“ We feel that Securus Technologies’ patented 3-way call detection technology and the anywhere, anytime access to the SCP is unmatched.”
– County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada

“ Over time our needs have changed and Securus has always remained a committed partner to the city.”
– Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

“ I am a firm believer in customer service and Securus seems to pride itself in providing great customer service. In this day and age of ever-changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for incarcerated individuals, incarcerated individuals’s families, and most of all, Sheriff Department’s personnel.”
– County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois

“ The transition is now complete and it was virtually flawless. With the short turn around time for implementation of the project, it was done with almost no complaints from incarcerated individuals and their families.”
– County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

“ Securus, was able to meet the aggressive timeline challenge of switching services from the previous provider, and installing telephone service in just 30 days.”
– County Sheriff’s Department, California