United States Patent Office Issues Securus Technologies Two (2) Additional Patents for Law Enforcement and Corrections

Securus Technologies Receives Approval from United States Patent Office for Industry Leading 182 Patents with 106 More Pending

DALLAS, TX October 13, 2017/Business Wire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced today that the United States Patent Office issued two (2) new Securus patents. “We received word from the United States Patent Office that we were issued two (2) new patents,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc. “That increases our total patent portfolio to 288 issued and pending patents, the largest in our industry by far. The entire rest of the industry has 176 issued and pending patents compared to our 288 issued and pending patents, so we lead by 112 – and that number is distributed among 4 different competitors.” Securus’ two (2) new patents are outlined as follows:
Patent Number Title Description
9,774,733 Crime Reporting in a Controlled-environment Facility Communication systems and methods that allow a resident of a controlled environment facility to report a past, on-going or threatened crime, such as a rape. The resident is able to make the report using a facility communications system without alerting other residents of the controlled environment facility that the crime has been reported.
9,787,656 Intelligent Facility Device Intelligent facility devices for use in controlled facility environments are described. In various embodiments, the intelligent facility devices provide limited or controlled access to data networks for Incarcerated Individuals of a controlled facility. An embodiment of a method may include receiving a request for access to a network from a user interface device. The method may also include determining an authorized duration of network access for the user interface device. Additionally, the method may include establishing a temporary network access session between the user interface device and the network for the authorized duration of network access.
  Mr. Smith continued, “We currently have approximately 300 software developers, over 100 field service technicians, and a large marketing and R & D Team that have good ideas – things that our prison and jail customers want, things that are unique, and we routinely turn those ideas into patents. It’s our biggest, most valuable asset – good people with ideas that are solving our customers’ problems. “Our patent portfolio includes patents in most areas of corrections communications and operations including audio calling, video calling, fraud detection, call platform architecture, call storage, Incarcerated Individual purchasing, billing, call throughput, Incarcerated Individual monitoring, word spotting, voice biometrics, and commissary services, and there are many other areas. “We issued a formal ‘Patent Portfolio Bake Off’ Challenge to the former leading competitor in our sector that went unanswered so we did something that was even better, I believe,” said Smith. “We used our outside counsel to engage three (3) independent, well-known, intellectual property consulting firms to compare and contrast our patent portfolio with our competitor’s patent portfolio. Outside counsel did not disclose who their client was, so the comparison was independent, intellectually honest, and non-biased. Counsel didn’t even tell the consulting firms what the list of patents was for each company. Securus didn’t provide any help or assistance to aid their analysis at all. “The three (3) independent patent portfolio analyses clearly show that by virtually any qualitative or quantitative measurement, Securus’ patent portfolio is much stronger, broader, and valuable than the other company’s portfolio,” Smith said. “We did this work, spent this time, and paid a significant amount of money to make clear to everyone that we have the largest and best patent portfolio that exists in the industry today – period. “We build patents around products that our customers want – and that is good for Incarcerated Individuals, friends and family, officers, investigators, victims of crimes, and society – I am proud of what we have contributed to our industry. We improve Incarcerated Individual communications, reduce recidivism, help solve and prevent crimes – and ultimately save lives,” concluded Smith.

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