Securus Technologies Invested with Facility Partners $1 Billion Over the Last Five (5) Years in Incarcerated Individual/Friend/Family Savings and State/County/ Local Projects Including Incarcerated Individual Welfare Programs

DALLAS, TX November 2, 2017/Business Wire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring announced today a series of significant investments directly and indirectly in incarcerated individuals/friends/family members, in State/County/Local projects, and in savings for incarcerated individuals/friends/family members. Securus Technologies Pushing the Incarcerated Individual Advocacy Agenda “I understand that we can’t just focus on what makes corrections and law enforcement better – our focus is also on reducing recidivism and making incarcerated individuals’ lives better through enhanced communications and education,” stated Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies’ Investments in Incarcerated Individual/Friends/Family
  • Invested +$30 million in purchasing and developing video communication provider Primonics to create a richer communication environment for incarcerated individuals and friends/family;
  • Reduced calling rates that saved incarcerated individuals/friends/family members $295 million over the last five (5) years;
  • Paid $722 million in commissions to facilities over the last five (5) years, which prisons/jails use for incarcerated individual betterment programs and reduces taxes;
  • Appointed Director of Recidivism and Reentry on February 24, 2017 to work full-time on keeping incarcerated individuals out of jail on a permanent basis;
  • Commitment to five (5) year funding for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) in order to expand the rehabilitation and reentry support network for incarcerated individuals and their families;
  • Established “The Securus Foundation” on July 13, 2017, a non-profit organization that will focus on comprehensive scalable solutions to provide reductions in recidivism to help those reentering society;
  • Deployed an industry-leading 150,000 smart devices including tablets to bring education content, media, and technology to incarcerated individuals. This represents a direct investment of over $20 million;
  • Through smart devices, completed over 36 million emails in 2016, a new form of communications for incarcerated individuals to keep in touch with loved ones;
  • Launched Lantern in 2015, a technology driven education platform for those incarcerated that is the gateway to positive, education-driven outcomes;
  • Invested in an exclusive arrangement with Jobview to provide real-time access by incarcerated individuals to relevant jobs post release. To date, incarcerated individuals have downloaded/reviewed +7 million jobs.
“The direct benefit to incarcerated individuals of facility commissions that we pay can be debated. From an incarcerated individual perspective, without commissions, rates would be lower but there would likely be fewer incarcerated individual betterment programs in all their forms. Assuming the States and Federal Government paid for these incarcerated individual programs, society would have to pay for these with additional taxes in some form and society in general does not like higher taxes,” said Smith. “We have invested directly and indirectly over $1 billion in the last five (5) years in projects, products, tablets, commissions, job programs, education, video communications, and rate reductions that will make the lives of incarcerated individuals and friends/family better – and those efforts are more than words on paper. Society needs to do a better job for incarcerated individuals, and we are leading the way on that effort,” said Smith. “I would challenge anyone – regulators, incarcerated individual advocates, anyone – to spend more money and do more good than Securus and our industry has done for incarcerated individuals and friends/family. Talking about things is easy, taking action and making real investments is what Securus is about,” concluded Smith.

About Securus Technologies

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