Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

An Open Invitation to Facilities and Lenders to Visit Technology Center

DALLAS, TX October 21, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring published today a number of facility customer comments on using technology to solve and prevent crimes including Incarcerated Individual-on-Incarcerated Individual crimes. Included here is a small sample of comments from formal letters and email communications that we receive from prison and jail officials throughout the United States. These come from officials who are tasked with preventing and solving crimes and making the incarceration environment better and safer. We have redacted specific references to states, counties, and facility names in order to protect the innocent. “Once a week on average, we develop a new product or service that helps law enforcement and corrections officials to solve and prevent crimes,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. “We have received thousands of letters and emails regarding what we build and how what we do helps to keep society, including Incarcerated Individuals, their families, and parolees safe(r). Building safety into what we do is part of our DNA – and that is an honor for us to protect and serve,” concluded Smith. Facility Customer Selected Comments on Using Technology to Prevent and Solve Crimes
  • “I wanted to let you all know that with your assistance on this case we were able to use information from the phone calls to obtain a search warrant for the corrupt staff member. As a result this person was arrested this morning by our staff for introduction of contraband. Please express my many thanks to you and your staff in this case. Look forward to many more.”
  • “Calls were monitored containing information regarding Incarcerated Individual alcohol use, drug selling and drugs in the facility, possible access to a cellular device, threats, suspicious conversation regarding money being transferred, a past incident involving shots being fired, and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount.”
  • “For well over a decade now, our correctional facility has relied upon the technology solutions offered by Securus. It is encouraging to see that our vendor of choice is committed to both revolutionizing the incarceration environment and progressively helping us to improve public safety in our jurisdiction.”
  • “We are impressed with your vision. Securus’ current assessment and development of emerging capabilities will further enable our investigations and improve our jail security posture. This evolution of investigative tools and the capabilities provided intertwines with our own aggressive investigative mindset.”
  • “In addition, the reporting data has enhanced our agency’s proactive measures in monitoring and deterring the incidence of contraband in our facilities.”
  • “Investigative tools allow for staff to conduct investigations when there is a complaint of harassment or a potential threat to the security of the facility or the community.”
  • “We were in the middle of an investigation when I called you about the covert alert feature and with your help, we were able to utilize this feature and take the suspect into custody.”
  • “I recently listened to an Incarcerated Individual to Incarcerated Individual call and heard two siblings talking along with the mother on the outside. The older sibling is telling the younger sibling, who has never been in trouble, exactly what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. These conversations will be instrumental in solving the case.”
  • “I wanted to take a minute to recognize Securus for their LBS software. Utilizing the LBS software in conjunction with other law enforcement resources, the sheriff’s department has recovered well into the millions in illegal assets, drugs and cash money. There is no doubt that without this software, our job in recovering these items would be much more difficult and in some cases, impossible.”
  • “The LBS services alone are enough for us to continue using Securus in the future. In my opinion, this technology in conjunction with the Investigator Pro makes Securus the leading jail phone provider in the business.”
Securus has extended an open invitation to our own and other competitors’ facility customers as well as existing/prospective investors to visit our Technology Center in Dallas, Texas for a presentation on what we do to solve and prevent crimes.

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