Securus Technologies and JPay Announce More Than 31,000 Free Calls Have Been Made by Incarcerated Individuals Impacted by Hurricane Michael

Incarcerated individuals can still take advantage of free phone calls and emails to stay connected with loved ones throughout the aftermath of the disaster

DALLAS, TX October 24, 2018/Business Wire/ — Incarcerated Floridians impacted by Hurricane Michael have made more than 31,000 free calls under a new Securus Technologies initiative that launched on Wednesday, October 17th. But there are still plenty of opportunities for families to connect with their loved ones, with more than 80,000 credits still available for free phone calls on the Securus-provided communications platform at corrections facilities throughout the state. In addition, Securus Technologies and JPay have provided credits for more than 740,000 free emails for impacted individuals. This will allow for written communication and the sharing of photographs and other images, which can be especially critical in the aftermath of a severe weather event. All incarcerated individuals serving time in locations in or near the path of the storm, along with those who were evacuated from impacted facilities, have received the free phone calls and stamps for emails once each facility established commercial power allowing communication services to be restored. Only one such facility is still without power. “We believe that family comes first, which is why it’s important that we take the steps needed to ensure the incarcerated individuals who experienced Hurricane Michael can connect with their loved ones and inform them of their safety,” said Robert Pickens, Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies. “It’s the right thing to do, and we’re happy to do it.” More than 37,000 incarcerated individuals at 48 sites across the state are able to take advantage of the free communication offerings to stay connected with their loved ones throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.  Free services will be accessible as sites are operational and technology services become available. To view all of the designated locations, click HERE. ABOUT JPAY, A SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY JPay, a Securus Technologies Company, designs, builds and deploys its technology to prisons and jails across the country, establishing correspondence to help educate and rehabilitate offenders.  Serving more than 1.9 million offenders and parolees in 35 states, JPay makes the corrections process more convenient for offenders and their loved ones, while modernizing processes and increasing intelligence capabilities for corrections facilities. Products include money transfer services, tablets, email and video communications, education, games, music and more.

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