Securus Reviews Business Case Study – Anatomy of a Win

Provides County Jail Facility Over $400,000 Per Year in Operating Savings by Deployment of High-Tech/Software-Based Products. Competitors See Depth of Securus’ Product Set as Difficult Obstacle to Overcome

DALLAS, TX October 5, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring announced today operating and financial metrics of a recent win against an entrenched, long-term competitor. In the last thirty (30) days, Securus won a long-term contract from an entrenched, long-term corrections competitor and the Company presents here the results of that win in a press release entitled, “Anatomy of a Win.” This release is formatted as a case study. The Situation
  • County jail RFP issued
  • Average daily jail population (ADP) – 1,000
  • Jail configured for adult males and females
  • Current services provider – non-Securus
  • Competitor duration – > five (5) years
  Main Reasons Why Securus Won the RFP
  • Low Incarcerated Individual/friend/family rate
  • High(er) commission rate (- 75%)
  • Savings to County per year – >$400,000
  • Guarded Exchange – investigations and forensics
  • Savings to County generated by:
Securus Product Expected Outcome
Jail Management Systems/Process Automation Improvement of Incarcerated Individual services
  • Handbook
  • Law Library
  • Grievances
  • Medical appointments
Video ConnectSM Staff time savings, contraband reduction, Incarcerated Individual/friend/family safety
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems Automated responses to Incarcerated Individual/friend/family members that improves accuracy, speed and efficiency for the facility and Incarcerated Individuals/friend/family members
  “We won this account from a long-term, well managed incumbent because we had the products that were critical for the jail, we have good customer service, we owned the products and did not outsource those to others, we had low Incarcerated Individual/friend/family member rates, and we had a very competitive commission rate,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Securus Technologies. “Those attributes of our business sound easy to replicate – but in practice, they are not. For example, we put eight (8) years of work building the most sophisticated, high-tech product platform that carries more volume than any other platform in the world. That means more products, with lower rates and the highest commissions possible at that low end user rate. Along with good customer service, that represents a bundle of products, rates, commissions and services to everyone that is hard to beat,” said Smith. “We recently exceeded 500 facility customers that have visited the Securus Technology Center in Dallas where we demonstrate in a hands-on way our capabilities. The overwhelming response when they leave is, ‘we had no idea you offer so much – and can help us so much,’” stated Smith. “We have touched less than 5% of the industry base in our Technology Center to date, so we have a long way to go. The potential for us to improve Incarcerated Individuals’ lives, society, corrections and law enforcement safety is exciting for me. It is truly amazing what we can do,” concluded Smith.

About Securus Technologies

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