Securus’ Managed Access System Deployments Reduce and Eliminate Contraband Wireless Threats

Securus’ CellBlox system reduces risk of violent crime, meeting the needs of law enforcement to the dismay of ex-offenders who oppose restrictions

DALLAS, TX May 11, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced today they have completed more successful deployments of its newest managed access technology than anyone in corrections, with additional implementations underway in 2016. “The difference between our implementations of managed access services and others are the technology, expertise and infrastructure necessary to navigate difficult environments, spectrum management and carrier relationships,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. “Without our system, Incarcerated Individuals using contraband devices are free to target victims, harass innocent people and carry out unlimited illegal activities without any trace. Our solution has grown to be the nations’ largest service for capturing illegal communication from contraband devices within correctional facilities.” Corrections agencies across the United States are requesting managed access systems to prevent illegal communications from contraband cell phones. Numerous murder attempts have occurred as a result of illegal cell phones in prisons and countless activities that go undetected, including one correctional officer shot 6 times in the state of South Carolina, directly as a result of illegal cell phone communications. The problem extends to the inability of Agencies to hire correctional officers to work in the prisons as they fear for their lives. Mr. Smith continued, “Our technology saves lives and reduces anxiety so people can do their jobs without living in fear.” Surprisingly, some new technologies required by State and County government agencies are met with opposition, including Paul Wright, the Executive Director, Human Rights Defense Center and Editor of Prison Legal News, and a veteran of our industry. With due respect to Mr. Wright, Securus disagrees with his position based on our experience in Incarcerated Individual telephone systems, video communication services and now managed access systems, whereby we’ve deployed our technologies at thousands of sites and reached millions of Incarcerated Individuals and their friend and family members. Mr. Wright, convicted of murder in 1987, has opposed these types of restrictions on Incarcerated Individuals. Mr. Wright stated, “…Securus, will use contraband cellphones detections as yet another way to price gouge prisoners and their families as they have been allowed to do in the prison phone industry for decades.” While solutions like these are sometimes controversial among Incarcerated Individual advocates, the simple truth is that they prevent violent crimes against society. “We are interested in creating a safe environment behind bars as well as outside of them. Paul has seen life from both sides and we are aligned on some issues, but not on these,’ said Smith. Eliminating contraband wireless units helps Incarcerated Individuals, friends and family members, corrections and law enforcement, and all of society to exist in a safer environment. As the demand grows to ensure illegal communication does not continue, Securus is committed to continually advancing our technology to protect innocent parties. “These technologies are increasingly complex- involving expertise from designers, system architects, wireless engineers, and communications personnel. We endeavor to undertake these difficult tasks because we don’t take for granted our role in protecting safety and security. These technologies cost millions of dollars to install, operate and perform effectively,” said Smith.

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