Securus Granted 4 New Patents in March, 2016

United States Patent Office Issues 34 New Securus Patents in the Last 3 Years. Securus Files for Additional 92 Patents in Last 3 Years, Backlog Growing

DALLAS, TX April 14, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced today that the United States Patent Office issued 4 new Securus patents last month, 34 patents in the last 3 years, and Securus has filed 92 new patents in the last 3 years. “We received word from the United States Patent Office that we were issued 4 new patents in March, 2016,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. “That increases our total patent portfolio to 241, the largest in our industry by far.” Securus’ 4 new patents are outlined as follows:
Patent Number Title Description
9,300,798 Controlled-Environment Facility Interactive Voice Response System Functionality Facilitating Repetition of a Last Requested Action An incoming IVR system which knows who is calling (family member calling into the facility) and the reason they last called. To streamline the process, it presents them the option to do the same thing again quickly (i.e. deposit money, find out when the Incarcerated Individual gets released, etc.).
9,300,790 Multi-Party Conversation Analyzer and Logger A monitoring system which sets a frequency of periodic voice verification based on either an Incarcerated Individual or a called party using spectral analysis for detecting a voice of an unauthorized person. The system may automatically increase the frequency of the periodic voice verification if an unauthorized voice is detected and simultaneously takes into account the computational load.
9,300,791 Controlled-Environment Facility Resident Communication Detection A system to detect unauthorized calls that inserts signals into calls. The system can detect if multiple signals are present in which case it could notify an authority. This invention is useful to detect calls in which Incarcerated Individuals are attempting to communicate with other Incarcerated Individuals via three way or call forwarding.
Notice of Allowance Number TBD Distribution of Satellite-Broadcast Content to Controlled Environment Facilities A system for providing satellite (news, radio, music etc.) to controlled environment facility residents. The system comprises security measures to ensure users are only able to access approved content.
Mr. Smith continued, “We have approximately 200 software developers, over 100 field service technicians, and a large marketing and R & D Team that have good ideas – things that our prison and jail customers want, things that are unique, and we routinely turn those ideas into patents. It’s our biggest, most valuable asset – good people with ideas that are solving our customers’ problems.” “Our patent portfolio includes patents in most areas of corrections communications and operations including audio calling, video calling, fraud detection, call platform architecture, call storage, Incarcerated Individual purchasing, billing, call throughput, , Incarcerated Individual monitoring, word spotting, voice biometrics, and commissary services, and there are many other areas.” “We build patents around products that our customers want – and that is good for Incarcerated Individuals, friends and family, officers, investigators, victims of crimes, and society – I am proud of what we have contributed to our industry. We help solve and prevent crimes – and ultimately save lives!”

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