Securus Announces 7 Million Estimated Job Views in 2017 for Its New Job Search Application

Securus Commits to $6 Million Investment in Reducing Recidivism at the Facilities That It Works With

DALLAS, TX October 17, 2017/Business Wire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, estimates for full year 2017, 7 million jobs will be viewed by inmates using its ConnectUs inmate platform. On August 22, 2016, participating customers with Securus’ ConnectUs inmate platform began providing inmates safe, secure access to over 4 million current job opportunities on Securus’ exclusive Job Search application. This opens a wealth of opportunities for inmates who will soon return to society better prepared for the job search process. Facilities will no longer need to escort inmates to a secure computer location, monitor job searches performed by inmates or pay for expensive subscription costs for job postings. Securus’ ConnectUs platform delivers inmates access via self-help devices located throughout the correctional facilities. Activity reports provide an audit trail of job seeker activity in the facility, and allow customers to report specific reentry outreach statistics to relevant stakeholders in the organization. “The ConnectUs Job Search application is available to all new and existing ConnectUs customers and gives inmates real-time job search experience,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Inc. “The enormous number of searches goes directly to the need and value provided. Our facility customers are looking for additional ways to improve reentry programs and establish solid life skills for inmates; the Job Search application delivers. Securus leads the way with ongoing efforts to provide automation tools to inmates, friends/family, and corrections. “We are committing to invest a minimum of $6 million in specific recidivism reduction programs over the next two (2) years at the prisons and jails that we serve. That represents a significant investment by us and it shows our level of commitment to making inmates and their lives better,” concluded Smith. ConnectUs is the most robust and feature-rich inmate platform in the market, allowing inmates access to an unlimited set of applications as designated by each correctional facility. Not only does this platform allow inmates access to features and services never available before, it also fully governs what is available to inmates and the timing. This ensures that correctional facilities have complete control over the content that inmates can access. In addition to the Job Search application, ConnectUs provides many other beneficial applications to automate facility processes and streamline communications. These include applications for Forms and Grievance, Inmate Telephone, Video Visitation, Inmate Video, Inmate Handbook, Inmate Documents, Commissary Ordering, Law Library, Sick Call, Emergency Call, and many more! The possibilities are limitless and continue to grow. Securus offers the Job Search application through its exclusive partnership with Jobview. “We believe each job search experience is another ‘at bat’ for offenders engaged in reentry – an opportunity to increase the chances of success on the outside by learning what jobs are available, what skills are required, and where geographically the jobs can be found,” said Vice President of Jobview, Ryan Solberg. “We at Securus and our partners at Jobview are committed to improving the incarceration experience in a positive way. We work with our facility partners who manage prisons and jails at 3,450 locations – serving more than half of the inmate population – to do a better job. Access to Jobview and the ConnectUs platform is an important part of reducing recidivism. We want to help inmates and getting a job is a critical factor. Jobview access is important for inmates and that is why we provide it free of charge and try to get each and every inmate to use it,” concluded Smith.

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