Securus Adds/Develops Digital Cellphone/ Wireless Forensics (aka “Cracking”) to Its Portfolio of 950 Products for Corrections and Law Enforcement

Wireless Data Extractions Exceeded 700 in May, 2016. Securus Provides Major Benefit to Prison and Jails in Wireless Unit Data Extraction Saving Time, Labor, and Money

DALLAS, TX May 26, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced today another set of 10 products including digital cellphone/wireless forensics that it uses to extract data from contraband wireless devices including iPhones. “We expanded the existing product set of investigative solutions and live monitoring at our subsidiary Guarded Exchange to include forensic services for recovered cell phones, computers, and other digital devices,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. “The addition of a group of trained Certified Forensic Examiners (CFEs) to Guarded Exchange, which we acquired in 2015, takes our work with corrections and law enforcement to a new and higher level. To date, we have unlocked, downloaded, and analyzed over 700 devices, and provided information on pictures, email messages, video, text messages, called parties, calling parties, chats and more to law enforcement and corrections officers. We can do that typically much cheaper, sometimes for free, and faster than other methods that would be used by our facility partners,” said Smith. “We then run that unorganized information through filters that point investigators to focused leads and suspicious activity – comparing information in our database of billions of calls to find that needle in a haystack that would otherwise go unnoticed and ultimately produce a Summary Extraction Report and an Intelligence Summary report. That is all part of our centralized forensics laboratory – and finding that needle in a haystack is much easier for our partners,” Smith said. Guarded Exchange software allows corrections and law enforcement to interface with information residing in databases to provide a comprehensive social link analysis, and uses live Investigative Analysts to monitor offender calls. The secure Investigative Center is staffed with Licensed Private Investigators, and facility customers can be assured that trained, professional personnel are the assets aiding in their investigations. “No one that serves prisons and jails does the full service work that Guarded Exchange does – real-time call monitoring, real-time investigations, real-time data analysis, cell phone and mobile data extraction, certified forensics analysts, certified private investigators, and 1,300 dedicated Securus and Guarded Exchange Associates to help investigators do the best job possible,” concluded Smith. For a demonstration in our Technology Center, please contact Kathryn Goldstein at or 972-277-0778

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