XRMS is the latest public safety Records Management System (RMS) to be deployed by Securus. XRMS offers the benefits of comprehensive data storage and retrieval of information in one secure, easy-to-use and intuitive package. XRMS enhances a department’s productivity by providing active, real-time management of police tasks in both single and multi-jurisdictional environments. When combined with Securus’ XCAD and XMobile products, XRMS provides public safety agencies with a one-stop software solution for managing critical police data.


  • Recursive Tree-Based Lookups for Rapid In-Depth Research
  • GJXML Compliant
  • Personalized Task Management
  • IBRS/UCR Submissions


  • Access to Regional, Multi-Juris and In-House Databases with a Single Click
  • Crime Mapping
  • Mug Shot System
  • Barcoding