Innovative Products


SoberTrack™ is a compact, hand-held breath-alcohol testing device that can test enrollees at any time and in any location. Testing can be done a scheduled, random or on-demand basis. SoberTrack receives GPS location points before the date and time of a test, even if the enrollee misses a test.


Launched in 2005, BLUtag was the first one-piece GPS monitoring device ever developed. BLUtag has become the industry standard for GPS monitoring and is now used extensively throughout the U.S. by law enforcement and community corrections agencies across the U.S.


When paired with our BLUhome home-based RF receiver, BLUband provides reliable and consistent RF home confinement monitoring of enrollee by regularly transmitting an encrypted RF signal to the BLUhome receiver that has been set up in the enrollee’s domicile.


BLU+ provides the combination of traditional RF community supervision AND specific GPS functionality at a price comparable to cellular RF monitoring.