Louisiana Jails and Prisons to Receive Free Phone Calls in Aftermath of Hurricane

Securus Technologies Will Offer Free Calls and Electronic Communications to Help Incarcerated Louisianans Contact Loved Ones

Natural disasters not only devastate homes and city infrastructures, but they can also cause an overwhelming emotional and physical impact on those effected. There is a fundamental human need to stay connected with loved ones, especially during difficult times, which is why Securus Technologies is providing free phone calls and electronic communications to ensure incarcerated individuals in Louisiana can contact their friends and family in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The company is providing two free phone calls and five free stamps that facilitate digital communications including written messages, photos, or video messages to all incarcerated individuals in Louisiana DOC facilities and the county jails it serves. These offerings will be made available to more than 23,000 incarcerated individuals in Louisiana.

“The importance of communication is never clearer than in the aftermath of an emergency, and we hope that our assistance will help incarcerated Louisianians stay connected with loved ones during an incredibly challenging and scary period after Hurricane Ida,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of Aventiv Technologies, the parent company of Securus. “Securus is committed to making modern communications tools more affordable and accessible for incarcerated individuals and providing support in the aftermath of extreme weather events is a key element of that effort.”

Securus provides calling services, as well as other forms of digital communication, in East Carroll Law Enforcement District, Jefferson, Morehouse, St. John, and Natchitoches parishes, among other state and local facilities. Securus is currently working with local officials to fully restore services at facilities that have lost power or experienced other disruptions as a result of the storm.

A full list of facilities serviced by Securus in Louisiana is available on the company’s website.

About Securus Technologies

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