Corrisoft and Securus Technologies Announce a Joint Market

Securus Technologies acquires a sub-set of service contracts and agrees to resell Corrisoft’s smartphone monitoring solution.

DALLAS, TX August 16, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced today it has expanded the terms of its marketing agreement with Corrisoft, LLC and can now offer Corrisoft’s smartphone-based offender monitoring solution to its customer base. In addition, the agreement also includes the purchase of legacy electronic monitoring assets as well as the service agreements for those Corrisoft customers using devices that do not currently operate on smartphone technology. “We are pleased to announce our joint marketing agreement to distribute each other’s products and the acquisition of a select number of electronic monitoring service agreements,” said Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Inc. “This represents a significant additional investment into our high growth, high-tech, non-regulated business segment, and adds a valuable product to our portfolio as well.” “Strengthening our partnership with Securus serves as an exciting opportunity as it allows us to direct all of our focus and energy into expanding our smartphone-based offender monitoring solutions and services,” said Corrisoft President and CEO, Bill Johnson. “The AIR Mobile Connect system is the industry’s most complete smartphone monitoring device, and it represents an innovation that will shape the future of the corrections field. The AIR system enhances efficiencies to the point it actually expands the scale and scope of offender monitoring and makes it a stronger, more viable alternative to incarceration,” said Johnson. “The opportunity to leverage Securus’ established sales force makes perfect sense and enables us to accelerate our business objectives.” “We have been in partnership with Corrisoft for more than four (4) years, and understand how they operate,” said Jon Secrest, Vice President and Managing Director, Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Securus. “This transaction is really about each company focusing on the product and services we know best while still having access to a variety of monitoring solutions to fit both of our customer’s needs. Satellite Tracking of People (STOP) has long been the industry leader in one piece GPS electronic monitoring and Corrisoft’s AIR platform offers innovative solutions for offenders that do not require traditional monitoring and are ready for the next step in their rehabilitation.” ABOUT CORRISOFT Corrisoft is the leader in smartphone-based offender monitoring technology and services. Corrisoft provides community-based agencies with a smartphone offender monitoring program that improves officer efficiency, enhances case management capabilities, and simplifies access to agency resources. At Corrisoft, we see offender supervision not only as a way to enforce the rules but also as a means for supervision agencies to help offenders break the cycle of recidivism. Based in Kentucky, Corrisoft is currently active in 35 states plus the Virgin Islands and Mexico. For more information visit

About Securus Technologies

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