Securus’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) system was created for medical professionals supporting correctional facilities. Securus EHR delivers a web-based, healthcare solution built with the security, and functionality required to support the medical, dental, and behavior health needs of a facility. Offered as a “hosted / cloud” or “on-premise” system, it can be accessed through multiple form factors (PC, tablet, web browser), and allows facilities with ADP ranging from 100 to more than 3000+, to confidently manage medications and treatments required by adult and juvenile inmates. Adhering to existing communications standards, Securus EHR has the capability to share information directly with labs, pharmacies, radiology, and other healthcare facilities, while also having the ability to integrate directly into many popular Jail Management Systems. Available in two flavors (Standard or Elite) Securus EHR follows all current healthcare standards, and allows facilities to choose between simple to fully customized options, giving them the flexibility and power to find the right solution for their needs.