Secureview® Tablet

Our SecureView Tablet Device focuses on proactive and constructive ways to prepare incarcerated individuals for reentry and reclamation into society. It is currently being used by incarcerated individuals at various locations across the United States. Our goal is to provide a low-cost tablet solution which maintains a balance of useful and purpose-driven content vs. fun and interesting content. The five areas listed below exemplify how the Securus Incarcerated Individual Tablet will benefit both the incarcerated individual and the Facility:
  • Incarcerated individual productivity
  • Improved Facility efficiencies
  • Improved safety for incarcerated individuals and officers
  • Opportunities to increase post-release employment
  • Opportunities to decrease recidivism

Securus tablets can:

  • Be used for behavior modification, as officers can turn on and off apps – single, group, or all tablets
  • Reduce facility costs by reducing the need for incarcerated individual transport
  • Assist in lowering recidivism with advancements in education and employment applications