Securus AIS™ Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions for Customized AIS™ Development Options Post Deployment (“AIS Custom Development Terms”) are agreed between Customer and Securus Technologies, LLC (“Securus”) and govern any Customer requests for customized development relating to Customer’s AIS™ product.  Securus may revise these terms at any time without notice.  Customer should revisit this site periodically to ensure that Customer is aware of the most recent AIS Custom Development Terms. The following modifications to AIS are considered standard and will be provided upon request at no additional charge to Customer:
  • Any modifications reasonably necessary for initial integration with the Customer’s systems
  • Primary menu prompt changes
  • Changing the phone number of the AIS
  • An existing site request for a menu change for a single department
The following modifications to AIS are considered specialized and the scope and pricing of any such modifications will be negotiated at the time of the request using a statement of work:
  • Creation of new sub-menus beyond the existing primary menus which are provided at the time of deployment
  • Any other customized modifications that require additional system development by Securus, including but not limited to:
    • Changes to lookup criteria for an incarcerated individual (other than by Birthday or First & Last Name)
    • Ability to transfer incoming calls to the AIS system from one department to another department
    • Integration with Securus’ SCP PAN system