Securus Outbound Voicemail™

Learn more about a digital communications tool that provides more ways to connect.

Securus Outbound Voicemail provides incarcerated individuals an opportunity to leave a message for their family and friends when a call to their mobile goes unanswered. The voicemail remains secure within the Securus system and in compliance with all facility security policies. Once the incarcerated individual leaves a voicemail, a text message containing a link will be sent to the dialed number. Loved ones just click on the link, and it is sent to a web form to pay and listen to the message. The voicemail is available to purchase for 30 days after recording with unlimited listening for 30 days after purchase.

Good Things Happen With Securus Outbound Voicemail

  • Increases communication opportunities between incarcerated individuals and their family and friends
  • Helps incarcerated individuals communicate important messages when a call cannot be connected
  • Adheres to the same security features as a traditional phone call

If you would like to learn more about Outbound Voicemail, please call your local Securus account manager, or contact us at