Securus Outbound Voicemail™

Traditionally, facilities have hesitated to allow incarcerated individuals the ability to receive voicemail messages due to the lack of system capabilities and security concerns. Because of this, one-way phone calls are still the primary form of communication in many facilities. In the past, if a call is placed and the called party doesn’t answer, communication is not possible and the call is terminated. Limited communication options generate complaints that waste valuable staff time and can put a strain on already limited resources. Securus’ Voicemail System solves these problems! Voicemail is a password-protected, two-way communication solution that allows friends and family members to leave secure voice messages for their incarcerated loved ones. Voicemail messages carry a standard 30-second time limit and, just like traditional telephone calls, are recorded for later investigative use. These messages can only be accessed by the incarcerated individual, the sender, and authorized facility personnel.

Securus’ Voicemail System provides the following benefits:

  • Increases communication channels between incarcerated individuals and their friends and family members
  • Increases revenue by allowing communication at times when phone calls are not possible
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