Category: Testimonials

Corrections Major

The information that your staff discovered in these phone calls help the Security Office with the discovery of 63.8 Grams of k-2 and 9 Suboxone Strips. Another big score for GEX!!

County Sheriff, North Carolina

Our detectives have used Securus technology to solve crimes that otherwise may have gone unsolved, including major felonies such as drug crimes, robberies and even murders.

Detention Center, Texas

Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus system, not only for the Sheriff’s Office, but also for the local law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney Offices as well. They have also been a great asset in jail disciplinary cases.

Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey

The Securus telephone system was instrumental in us apprehending the bank robbery suspect. The Securus telephone system is a vital investigative tool that we use frequently. The support staff from Securus Technologies has also been very helpful anytime a question arises.