All-time Holiday Record Set With Nearly 300,000 Free eCards Delivered on Father’s Day Courtesy of Securus Technologies

Securus Helps Thousands of Incarcerated Individuals and Their Loved Ones Keep Bonds Strong With Dad

Securus Technologies® is committed to better connecting incarcerated individuals and their families throughout the incarceration experience by continuing to explore more opportunities for communication solutions. Securus Technologies connecting what matters® comes to life when special moments are shared through the power of our technology. This Father’s Day, Securus set out to make the holiday even more special by providing free custom, crafted digital greeting cards to many correctional agencies that are Securus customers.

A total of 282,228 free eCards were sent on Father’s Day, which is an all-time high for this holiday, celebrating dad.

“It’s important to celebrate the dads and father figures in our lives, especially during a time when in-person connections with loved ones are limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Russell Roberts, of Securus Technologies. “Providing free e-Cards is one small way we can help honor families who are coping with the challenges of incarceration.”

This complimentary promotion was open to both incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. Many Securus Technologies’ customers across the nation selected to participate.

Distance can be difficult, especially when you are missing a loved one during a holiday. Securus hopes this small gesture helped bring some joy to fathers, whether they are incarcerated or have children who are currently incarcerated, make these times more memorable, regardless of the miles that may separate incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, across the country.

About Securus Technologies

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, an Aventiv Technologies company, serving more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 incarcerated individuals across North America, Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, incarcerated individual self-service, and monitoring products and services in order to make our world a safer place to live. Securus Technologies connecting what matters®. For more information, please visit