Family of Companies


JPay®, a Securus Technologies® Company, designs, builds and deploys its technology to prisons and jails across the country, establishing correspondence to help educate and rehabilitate incarcerated individuals.  Serving more than 1.9 million offenders and parolees in 35 states, JPay makes the corrections process more convenient for incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, while modernizing processes and increasing intelligence capabilities for corrections facilities. Products include money transfer services, tablets, email and video communications, education, games, music and more.


Satellite Tracking of People LLC manufactures and supplies global positioning systems (GPS) based offender monitoring devices and services for government agencies who supervise adults and juveniles in the community in the United States


GovPayNet® is a category leader and a solution-oriented processor of credit and debit card payments to government agencies.  Overall consumers rely on us in making more than 2.2 million payments annually to over 2,300 agencies in 35 states.  Our twenty years of payment services to government agencies demonstrates our commitment to superior innovative payment solutions.

Guarded Exchange

Guarded Exchange® aids corrections agencies in maintaining a high level of security, by developing investigative tools and strategies which identify pattern changes in offender’s behaviors that may signal suspicious activity. We provide your staff verified intelligence leads which allows them to focus on the important tasks at hand, heightening your investigative services now and in the future.

The Securus Foundation

The Securus Foundation is a non-profit organization, formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including, but not limited to, advancing education, relief of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged, and lessening the burdens of government. The Securus Foundation’s primary function is to develop, organize, and/or streamline services in conjunction with organizations and formerly incarcerated individuals that desire to establish or improve reentry processes to reduce recidivism across the United States.